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Re: No auth and nonauth sendmail in same config.

On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, Sergio Belkin wrote:

Hi community


I have an authenticated sendmail. I want to modifiy it in order to:
*All mail sent to mydomain.com is not authenticated
*All mail sent to any domain different as  mydomain.com be authenticated
(TLS included).

Is that what you really need, or is this a way to accomplish some other

SMTP AUTH/TLS is to the server, and the server cares not if it is the
destination, or simply a hop along the way.

For testing and boredom relief, I setup
	* My laptop uses TLS/AUTH betwixt the MSP and MTA on localhost
	  which then uses TLS/AUTH to connect my home server and
	  TLS to talk to other MTAs
	* My home server accepts, but does not require TLS/AUTH for
	  local lan connections, but requires TLS/AUTH for port 587
	  and uses TLS/AUTH to talk to my ISP, but only TLS when
	  talking to other MTAs.
Add dk/dkim to the mix, and it easy to have most of your mails wind up
with more headers than body :)

How can I do that?  (I don't refer to complete procedure, but how can I do
to "separate" mail by destination) I was looking at access and mailtertable
but it seems that those don't help me.

You can control what the MTA requires and/or allows for each connection
it answers, or it originates (based on DNS fqdn, IP, CN, etc.)

You can do all of this with the access and/or authinfo databases
just make sure you have FEATURE(`authinfo')dnl in sendmail.mc

install, if you've not already, sendmail-doc and peruse
/usr/share/doc/sendmail/cf.README.gz, especially the section

http://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/auth.html has a decent walk-through
on setting this up and debugging it.

Thanks in advance!

Good luck, and fee free to ping me if you need more help

Rick Nelson
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