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Re: bash vs. python scripts - which one is better?

On Aug 10, 2007, at 12:19 AM, Steve Lamb wrote:

Uh, no, fanboi. I never said it had to remain a one liner. In fact, that was my point. One liners rarely stay that way. And when you venture past
your very narrow mindset you find the problems in shell.

And when you venture past yours, you'll find that ALL programming languages have SERIOUS flaws in them... and that most can get this particular relatively simple job done, just fine, with fairly similar amounts of effort by someone who is sufficiently skilled in that particular language.

In other words, if it takes you only 15 minutes to write something to do the job in Python, because you enjoy Python, someone else will also just as easily (to them) write the same program with the same results in shell, or Perl, or zsh's flavor of "shell" or whatever.

Some other folks can write the thing just as easily and quickly (from their perspective) in REXX, C, whatever else you can think of -- in this case, something that can make system calls to the outside heavy- hitter conversion software that's really doing the hard work.

It doesn't matter -- at all -- what you choose, if you're comfortable with your choice. Even if you're not good with a particular language or any language, starting the project and ignoring the constant clamor of the hoards of people spending their time arguing about which language is "better", you'll get far more done than they ever will accomplish.

It's just something for coders (who are human and have different tastes) to argue incessantly over, and for some to evangelize as "religion". You appear to have found the God of Python meets your every need, and you bow down and submit your reverent respect for the sacrament of Whitespace, as all who follow the Python path, must.

The original poster seemed worried that he only knows a couple of (perhaps) obscure languages. If those languages can't make system calls, he'll have to learn something new. But the hardest concept to pass to folks staring at that mountain is that the underlying concepts of variables, loops, conditionals, etc etc etc... don't change!

I'll give you one thing Steve, you were one of the only people to publish code samples. Nicely done on that.

But I truly believe (after watching these debates go on literally for over a decade in many cases) that the choice of language is personal, and more a preference than something people can articulate properly in terms of "better". "Something I like" might be a much better way to eplain it.

I think it matters little, for such a small and simple program, what language is used. The OP just needs to try a few and see what they like.

Nate Duehr

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