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Re: Creating stand-alone learning stations

Try the ubuntu-accessibility list. If you get the chance in a gnome terminal type orca -t <cr> one day and make sure you hve speakers hooked up to your sound card when you do that. Headphones can be substituted for speakers in classroom settings though.

On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, ZephyrQ wrote:

I'm a high school special education teacher who has been given
permission to test Linux on a few laptops to use as workstations.

I've installed Edubuntu on 3, and would like some direction concerning
creating a 'skeleton' desktop so every new user created has the same
(limited) options.

(I realize this isn't the Edubuntu group, but there is little traffic on the Edubuntu mailing list and I think this is a Debian/Linux specific fix. I could be wrong tho...)

These stations will be used as both learning (I am in special need of
reading software) tools and incentive (my classroom specializes in
'behavorial needs' students.)

Can anyone direct me the to the right sites/documentation?

Thank you.

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