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Re: DVDs play with mplayer but not xine

Ron Johnson wrote:
>On 08/05/07 12:14, Mark Zimmerman wrote:
>> Greetings:
>> This has to be in a FAQ somewhere but I just can't find it. When I try
>> to play a dvd with xine, it says it cannot play encrypted disks. I
>> have installed libdvdcss2 and it works fine for playing dvds with
>> mplayer, but xine still refuses.
>> I am using mplayer and xine from stable, and libdvdcss2 from
>> debian-multimedia.
>> Can someone please fill in the missing link?

>Is w32codecs installed?

>Will the DVD play in vlc?

I forgot to mention that this is an amd64 system and I have not yet
bothered to set up any 32 bit capability. I think that w32codecs are
both unavailable and irrelevant. Otherwise, how could mplayer play
dvds without any problems?

I do not have vlc installed. I am not really looking for yet another
media player at the current time; I'm just trying to find out what the
problem is with xine.

Thanks, anyway, for responding.
-- Mark

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