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Transitioning to 64bit, is it worth it, and how

I have a Core2 Duo on which I am running a 686 kernel (from Debian 
unstable).  It has 1GB of memory

I am wondering two things

a) What are the pros and cons in switching to 64 bit mode? 
	- Is it faster?
	- Are the packages less stable?
	- Does it need significantly more memory?
	- Can I use 32 bit apps from the repository if I have problems with an 
identically named one in the 64 bit repository (with pinning maybe)
b) Is there a simple transition path?
	- Is there any howto?
	- My current unstable repository seems to have a 64 bit kernel - do I 
just install that and then change where my sources.list points>

Alan Chandler

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