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Re: Re: Adaptec 2100s

i report the "i20" boot sequence... i think it can be helpful:

i20: checking for pci i20 controllers...
iop0: controller found (0000:00:09.0)
iop0: installed at irq 5
i20: iop0: activating i20 controller...
i20: iop0: this may take a few minutes if there are many devices
iop0: HRT has 1 entris of 16 bytes each
adapter 00000012: tid 0000:[HPC*]:PCI 1: bus 1 device 22 function 0
i20: iop0: controller added
loading Adaptec i20 raid: version 2.4 build 5go
detecting adaptec i20 raid controllers
PCI: unable to reserve mem region #1:...... for device 0000:00:09.0
dpti: adpt_confighba: pci request region failed
could not init an i20 raid device

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