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Re: Looking for driver Compal EL80

Adrian Chapela escribió:
Jeff D escribió:
On Fri, 3 Aug 2007, Adrian Chapela wrote:


I am looking for a driver for the wireless / bluetooth switcher of a Compal El80 laptop. Some tips ??

I can't find this to active / de-active the wireless or the bluetooth by soft. The laptop has a hardware switch but it also has a software switch to active BT or Wireless or two at time.

Can you say me the right direction to find the driver ??

Thank you.


With out know what kind of wireless card you have in there, it's tough to say. But from digging around a little it looks like you might have an intel 3945ABG. You can find out more info on how to get that compiled here: http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/. If thats not the wireless card you have, we would need to find out what you have in there.
Yes I have this card but my problem isn't the card support, it is the support for the switcher, BT / WLAN Switcher... understand you now ??

The card is very well supported at this moment, but I can't find any driver, application to de/activate BT or WLAN.

Thank you!

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Could be a problem with rf_kill switch. It has a value of 2. I need to assign to 0 but when I execute "echo 0 > rf_kill" and the "cat rf_kill" I see a value of 2, it's strange no ??

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