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Re: how to set network io priority for a process?

On Wed, 01 Aug 2007, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> Except that for a download that I have to restart 5 or 10 times, its
> easier to put the url in a file and use wget, or for rsync I put the
> whole command line in a file, pound-hack it, chmod +x and away it goes.
> If lftp had a download queue that was persistant between invocations, it
> would be useful.

I think it does, but I never used it like that.  Check the manpage.

It certainly can do what you want, if you leave it running and use it as a
shell and not as a single-command download tool. lftp can carry as many
transfers in parallel as needed, to as many sites as needed, and bounce from
one to another as needed.  Pause them, queue them, stop them, etc.

If you need to detach lftp from terminals and access it remotely, screen is
your friend.

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