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Re: Is there a package for mathml fonts?

On 08/01/2007 08:20 AM, Hendrik Boom wrote:
At http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mathml/fonts/
it tells me
On Linux with Xft-enabled builds, you should install the TrueType TeX
fonts and Mathematica 4.1 fonts (repeat: 4.1). To install TrueType fonts,
simply extract and copy the .ttf files in your ~/.fonts/ directory
(create it if you don't have it yet). See also these instructions.

Now I suppose I can just follow these instructions and I'll have the
fonts myself. But is there a way to make thise fonts available to
*everybody* on my system?  Can they be installed as one or more Debian

-- hendrik

You can extract the .ttf files to /usr/local/share/fonts/TTF/.

I don't know of any Debian packages for this, but you can search in aptitude.

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