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Re: Disabling Print Screen key


First, thanks for the reply!

> My system (Debian 3.1, KDE 3.3.2) does not exhibit this behavior by
> default. I can enable (and disable) it by going into the KDE Control
> Center: K-> Control Center-> Regional & Accessibility-> Keyboard
> Shortcuts-> Command Shortcuts-> Graphics-> More Applications-> KSnapshot.
> Perhaps you inadvertently made Print a shortcut for ksnapshot. If so,
> you should be able to disable it by going through the above sequence.

No, I haven't...  As I stated in the beginning, I checked it to make sure.

Now, I am at work using Fedora Core 5, and again the PrtSc key is NOT
set in KDE, but pressing starts KSnapshot (which I find quite funny).
On the other hand, here I can make it work as BackSpace with "xmodmap
-e "keysym Print = BackSpace"" (which did not work with Debian).  So,
I assume it is a Debian-related problem...

By the way, I am using Etch, with the Debian kernel 2.6.18-k7.



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