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Re: /bin/login listening?

Hi Douglas.

Douglas Allan Tutty, 29.07.2007 18:35:
> Boot the box from something like the install CD, go to a shell, mount
> your / partition ro, noexec.
> I think the install CD has md5sum installed.  Run:
> 	#md5sum /bin/login.
> On my i386, I get:
> 2ee32ff74e474c4d9fc9df6f1460980f /bin/login

You should also tell the exact version of the "login" package you are using.
Otherwise this number is useless.

With 1: on i386 I get this:

> 004a41bb9196f1888bd89c2245910f46  /bin/login

Regards, Mathias


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