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Re: curses-interface ftp client with resume?

Issue 3 can be handled if you remember to run script and then do your complex ftp command and exit out of both at the end. All you need do then is to edit the file script makes for you and turn it into a short shell script and make it useable. I use the name surf for my scripts when I need to do this so a command line interface can work easily enough with a little forethought and planning.. You can also run wget with the -b switch and have it download in the background and tail the .wget-log file every so often to check on progress.

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007, Jeff D wrote:

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:

 I'm on dialup and often access the internet via a slow computer by
 sshing into my fast computer (which has the modem).

 Right now, if I want to download something like an iso file via ftp
 (there being no rsync mirror available), I put the url in a file, e.g.
 wget.lst and from a shell run $wget -c -i wget.lst.

 I let it run untill we need the phone line or its time to turn off the
 computer for the night (don't ask), interrupt it, and then start again

 It works reasonably well, but there are some issues:

 1.	After so many interruptions, often there has been an error creep
 in and the md5sum doesn't match.  Without rsync, I don't know how to fix
 a file that is the correct lenght but doesn't match.

 2.	It would be nice to have a queue that is persistant over

 3.	It would be nice to have a curses interface like mc that lets me
 browse to the correct file, then tag the file for downloading which puts
 it into the above queue.

 4.	Have something that runs from /etc/ppp/ip-up.d to start the
 download but only use spare bandwidth, and something in ip-down.d to
 stop the download.

 Issues 2, 3, and 4 are only simple programming and I wonder if such an
 app exists (I couldn't find anything in aptitude, most are for X).

 Issue 1 is tricky.  I haven't come across any ftp client that claims to
 do it so it may not be possible given the nature of ftp itself.

 Issue 3 is important.  A straight CLI doesn't help if I have to write
 down what command I issued to get a file and then retype it every time I
 start the computer again; may as well stick with wget.

 Any ideas?  How do others handle ftp downloads that may take a week of
 phone time?



Hm, well with a little bit of scripting there's ncftpget and ncftpbatch. ncftp covers point 1 pretty well from my testing. for 2, ncftpbatch does this almost, you create your que and it processes it, just in the order you submit them though. If/when the process gets terminated, a simple ncftpbatch -d starts the processing back up. you might be able to write up some scripts to manage the spool directory though.


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