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Re: Cron and mail

--- El Jue 26 Jul 2007, Marc encontró un teclado y tipeó lo siguiente: 
> Ma: Hmmm.. one thing might be that the variable is called "MAILTO" and not
> Ma: "MAIL"?
> Ma: You can try with that, but in general, as the man page says:
> Ma: "When executing commands, any output is  mailed  to  the  owner  of
> Ma: the  crontab ..."
> Ma:
> Ma: Sergio Belkin wrote:
> Ma: > Hi
> Ma: > Non-root users are not getting information mail about scheduled
> tasks. Ma: > I've included the line MAIL=joendoe in jondoe user. Task are
> performed Ma: > but users are not notified.
> Ma: >
> Ma: > I am using Etch and exim4. What's wrong with this?
> Ma:
> Ma:

Thanks, "MAIL" was a typo, but even if I issue MAILTO=jondoe in jondoe user 
crontab file, it doesn't work either...

Sergio Belkin
Teléfonos 15-5494-5143 //  4788-8605

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