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Re: problem: SATA performance drop down

GUO Zhijun wrote:
Hi all,

It's a Tyan S2925 with single AMDx2 4800+, 4xWD2500YS, 4x1G DDR2 box.
Running etch 2.6.18-4-amd64, soft raid5 and soft raid 1.  It's serving
web request for static files and nfs export its storage to other
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Just spotted this searching for something else so I've CC'd the OP, sorry if you get it twice.

I had very similar problems with one of the 3 Seagate 500GB drives in my RAID5 array, it would happen every few weeks and I couldn't find the problem. The problem was power, the drive was the last of 4 hung off the same power cable, I moved 2 of the cable and onto another and bingo, problem solved.

Garrr, do your bit for global warming, become a pirate, you can "borrow" my copy of Windows 95 if you want.

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