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Re: USB bus fails to see devices

Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> writes:

I'm not sure if Hugo was responding to my question or some other, but
in any case, this allows me to ask a simple question or two.

My problem was that the kernel stopped recognizing my camera (nothing
appears in kernlog/syslog or lsusb), although all other USB devices
are recognized.  

I gather that when a kernel is compiled, makeconfig will have a
section for USB Support, which should be enabled, and a choice USB
type (in my case is OHCI), a built in Preliminary USB device
filesystem, and a choice of devices such as SB OV511 Camera

However, my kernel config-2.6.18-4-686 has nothing of any of
this. If these are part of kernel configuration, why don't I see them
in the kernel config file?  

I'm told that USB support in the Linux kernel is buggy. Is
it possible a kernel bug could cause it to miss my camera but still
see all other USB devices? Is it likely my kernel would support my
camera, and then for no obvious reason stop?

If I were to reconfigure and recompile my kernel to enable
CONFIG_USB_DEBUG, would I do that by changing

        # CONFIG_USB_DEBUG is not set

What would be the effect? Would I then get error messages in kernlog
whenever the kernel tried but failed to see my camera? Would these
messages definately tell me if the kernel were buggy?

If my kernel were buggy, how would I know if there were a patch to fix
the problem?

When I was running sarge, I had a /proc/bus/usb/drivers directory on
which was mounted usbdevfs, hub and usblp. The manual for The Linux
USB Sub-System says that the usbdevfs must be mounted somewhere, and
conventionally on /proc/bus/usb, and that it will hold a drivers
pseudo-file. Has that changed under Etch? I don't have usbdevfs
mounted anywhere ($ mount reports procbususb is mounted on
/proc/bus/usb, although I see no procbususb file there). Wouldn't the
absense of a mounted usbdevfs definitely interfere with the kernel's
ability to see my camera? 

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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