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Re: Qemu and existing windows partition

There is only one virtual machine that can do such a thing and that is 
Parallels and that on an Intel Mac. This is because both the Mac and Windows 
OS's have the same hardware installed. Not opensourse.

VMs and Emulators (Qemu and VirtualBox are emulators) present their own 
hardware configuration to the VM. This is why one uses a disk image rather 
than a real installation. Qemu emulates specific hardware with available 
drivers for Windows. VBox less so and Win98 will not run correctly. Qemu runs 
most anything, Vbox is more fussy.

Everybody seems to want to run these things on a real installation. Even if 
such a capability were presented, don't do it since the installation will be 
changed over to the emulator's configuration. And if you do not have the 
Windows installation CD (stop thief!), you might not be able to get the 
emulator "hardware" up and running.

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