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Re: DNS server [was: dhcpd.conf questions]

Adam Hardy <adam.ant <at> cyberspaceroad.com> writes:
> I've moved on to the bells and whistles now that I've got my network up again. 
> Now that I'm using DHCP I need some sort of DNS to locate the servers on my 
> by name.
> I see I already have avahi-daemon, which is mDNS according to man, running on 
> workstation. I'm not sure when or why that got installed, although it isn't 
> configured for this situation because my DHCP-controlled IP address isn't able 
> to use it to locate named servers on my LAN  (or at least the new server I 
> set up where the DHCPD runs).
> The dhcp.conf on my new server mentions DDNS which I haven't looked into, and 
> the link mentioned above from debian-administration.org concerns bind9 dns.
> What is the most popular these days, or rather the most easily configured and 
> managed?

to answer my own question and for anyone else's info, DDNS and DHCP are handled
quickly and simply by dnsmasq, which I discovered just now but wish I'd
discovered 3 months ago.

There's good docs on it and a searchable mailing list at

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