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Re: [TLUG]: tell ipod a recording is an 'audiobook'?

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Matt Price wrote:

gearing up for a very long car trip this summer and ripping all of our
harry potter books-on-cd to mp3 for use on our ipod, whose collection i
currently manage from amarok (1.4.6).  everything is fine except that,
with ca. 20 cd's per book, 20 tracks per cd, harry potter now makes up
about 20 percent of my music collection.  When i put the ipod on
'shuffle', i get harry every fifth song, which is ANNYING, to say the
least.  i'd like to convince the ipod that these tracks are not music
but audiobooks (whatever that really means).

    Why are you using something that you don't have control over?

does anyone know how to do this?  if it can be done from amarok that's
great, otherwise i can use whatever music player is required.

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