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Re: How to check if a DVD is damaged?

To verify data on your dvd you can also use star and readcd:

hope this helps

On 7/5/07, Douglas Allan Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:
On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 03:01:16PM +0200, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> A few days ago I by chance realized that the DVD-RW I had used for months to do
> may backup was probably damaged: apparently it was not, because I could burn my
> data onto it without problems; but when I tried to copy its content into a hard
> disk I got I/O errors and some directories could not be copied.
> The problem disappeared when I changed the DVD with a brand new one, but now I
> feel not sure: how can I know when my actual backup DVD should in case be
> damaged as well?  Is there any tool for that?

Look at cdck.

The procedure I use is to verify the burn (I happen to use K3B which has
a verify option) which calculates the md5sum of the image file and the
CD/DVD and compares them.  Then I use cdck to do finer-grained testing.

Here's the readme for cdck:

CD/DVD check tools

Actually cdck is a simple program to verify CD/DVD quality. The known
fact is that even if all files on the disc are readable, some sectors
having bad timing can easily turn into unreadable ones in the future.

To get an idea about disc cdck reads it sector by sector, keeping all
reading timings and then tells you its verdict. Optionally it can write
timing table into text file usable by gnuplot(1) program, so you can draw
some graphs out of it.

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