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Re: aptitude wants to remove these. Do I need them?

H.S. wrote:

> When I try to upgrade my Debian Testing machine, aptitude wants to
> remove these packages (been happening for some days now; I have been
> putting off upgrading in the hope that the problem would be resolved
> with newer versions of packages):
> dbus-1-utils [1.0.2-1]
> libssp0
> Do I need these packages? For now, I have removed libssp0 and kept a
> note about it. I do C/C++ programming. If it turns out I need libssp0, I
> will then try to reinstall it.

My rule of thumb for this kind of questions is that "if the package's name
does not ring a bell, you dont need it". The beauty of Debian is that,
installing it at a later time (if you find that necessary) is a breeze. It
might not be the case if you are running sid though! But if you are running
sid, I assume you know what you are doing...


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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