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lvresize [-r|--resizefs]

What is this option to lvresize?

        [-A|--autobackup y|n]
        [--alloc AllocationPolicy]
        [-i|--stripes Stripes [-I|--stripesize StripeSize]]
        {-l|--extents [+|-]LogicalExtentsNumber |
         -L|--size [+|-]LogicalVolumeSize[kKmMgGtT]}
        [--type VolumeType]
        LogicalVolume[Path] [ PhysicalVolumePath... ]

I do NOT find all of the options in the man pages; nor via googling.

I just resized 2 volumes like this:

    lvresize --size 4G VG1-usr
    resize2fs /dev/VG1/usr

Will this [-r|--resizefs] option do same in one CLI?

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