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Re: installing a font for VT

On Tue July 3 2007 07:30:08 am Alan Ianson wrote:
> On Tue July 3 2007 05:41:44 am 2g wrote:
> > have started going CUI with Debian(stable)
> > in Slackware it gave me a chance to choose
> > sc.fnt.gz as my VT's font at the insallation process
> > i love this font so much so would love to have it in Debian too
> >
> > does somebody know what this font is called in Debian community?
> > does simply aptitude intall-ing it will change the look of the terminal
> > automatically?
> When I want to change the font with debian I edit /etc/console-tool/config.
> In my case I know I want default8x16 so it is easy for me. I don't know
> what choices are available or where they are. There likely is a tool for
> manipulating the console font but I've never gone looking myself.

I don't see sc.fnt.gz but I see a lot of fonts in /usr/share/consolefonts. 
Happy hunting.. :)

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