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Automounting USB drive on GNOME stopped working...

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I have been having problems with automounting USB drives in GNOME. It
used to work flawlessly, but suddenly stopped (I know that 'suddenly
stopped' is a bit too vague, but that's what I've got...).

I am not in front of my home computer right now, so I will give details
as they come to memory, sorry about that.

CDs get automounted perfectly. USB drives used to work as well. The two
drives that I have tested were a Kingston 1GB pendrive and an HDD MP3
player from Cowon, which acts as an external HDD when plugged in the USB
port. They are both behaving the same way: when I plug the device in the
USB, it will load the drivers and assign a /dev/sd* node. They both work
ok if I manually mount them.

I have checked if gnome-volume-manager is running, and it is. I have
killed it and re-run it with -no-daemon and watched the output.

It will detect the drive, but then it says something like 'not a
mountable volume' and remove it from automounting... I am running a mix
system of lenny and sid, and have tried packages from both, notably
udev, hal and gnome-volume-manager and no success..

Any ideas?

Cassiano Leal
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