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Re: How Do I Keep Track OF the Files Being Downloaded From My Apache?

On 2 Jul., 15:40, Orestes leal <orestesleal13...@cha.jovenclub.cu>
> Hi Folks:
> The Thing it's that I want to know, let's say in a range of 24 hours
> what files was downloaded from my apache server, firts I DO NOT have
> a proxy server, this server it's a lan server for data and docs purposes
> so the conection it's direct, I want to keep track to:
> What File Was downloaded and by who (IP Addresses or hostnames)
> Hour of this events.
> Only that, any tool yo make this out there? any apache module?
> Thanks, and my respects to all of you.
> Best,
> Orestes.

Why dont you find a way to evaluate your /var/log/apache2/access.log?
In there is all the info your currently looking for. You could write a
little shellscript to summarize and shorten the entries.

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