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Re: Icedove

Arthur Marsh wrote:
Michael Marsh wrote, on 04/06/07 00:29:
On 6/3/07, Lorenzo Bettini <bettini@dsi.unifi.it> wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
>> me too, but another problem is that it does not open the browser when
>> clicking on an url :-(
> Works for me...
really?  Are you using gnome?  I'm using KDE...

Ditto for me, using FVWM.  See bug #425790, which is present in both
-3 and -4.  In Gnome, icedove can piggyback on other configurations to
open links correctly.  There's a suggested workaround, but I'm hoping
that it's fixed "properly" before I get fed up with right-click, copy
link.  It makes me glad that I moved my RSS feeds from icedove to
Google, though.

I looked at the bug report, particularly:


The essential part of the workaround was:

Now, add a file called http-browser.js to the
/etc/icedove/pref/ directory and insert:


... or whatever browser you want. (or fix the x-www-browser
alternative to point to your preferred browser).

[end quote]

yes that worked for me too (but the x-www-browser was already set correctly, so the only solution is to write those pref entries

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