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general question about wireless communication

Dear all,

I would like to ask you a general question about wireless communication.

I'm doing some proves with UDP. I'm sending messages between two computers which are in Ad-Hoc mode.

I know that the maximum message size in UDP is 65Kbytes but I don't know why, when I send a message of 50Kbytes for example, the application doesn't receive it. It's so strange because I capture the wireless traffic with an application like the "tcpdump" and this application receives the message, so it means that the message is sent and also received but it's not delivered to the application,the receive function of the UDP doesn't returns anything how it was descarted...

I have to add that If I send messages of 40Kbytes for example they are received without any problem, so I don't know if theres any kind of parameter I should change or what happens.

Anyone has had any problem like that or has any idea?

Thanks in advance.


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