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Re: IPW3945 With Etch

On Monday 25 June 2007 19:14, Tom Grove wrote:
> It seems as though I am able to install the modules via module-assistant
> and I receive an eth1 with wireless properties.  The problem is that no
> matter what I set my AP to I can't connect to it.  I typically just run
> with WEP but regardless or whether or not I am using WEP/WPA/Nothing I
> can not connect to the AP with this card.  Any ideas or help is much
> appreciated.  Thanks.
> -Tom

Make sure the firmware-ipw3945 and ipw3945d packages are installed as well.  
If you use GNOME then install network-manager-gnome.  This is the easiest way 
to connect and should work.  There is a document on the Ubuntu wiki (!) that 
works in Debian as well:


I would use WPA if I were you, WEP is broken and easily cracked.  Hope this 


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