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Re: Nvidia Card - nvidia driver or nv ?

Alex Samad wrote:

I have a nvidia card, and I was wondering if I should be using the nv driver or the nvidia driver. I don't do any thing flash, watch movies with mplayer and some development work with eclipse and firefox. I do use the TV out on one of my machines.

Last time I checked the main difference was 3d acceleration, whats the main difference now, should I be using nv for what I am doing ?

I run a 2 seater Sid box with 2 nvidia cards: one AGP and one PCI. On the AGP side I use VT textmode a lot.

With the closed source driver, the switch from X to VT is instantaneous with Ctrl+Alt+F<x>. With nv I have to wait for a few seconds that I *cannot stand* so I would run the closed source driver anytime.


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