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2.6 kernel upgrade gives garbled video (w/o X11)

Hi all,

I recently attempted to upgrade my kernel from 2.4.27 to 2.6.18 on my
Sarge installation. First off, I had to change my sources.list to use
the Etch packages because of a dependency loop involving libc6.
However, I did the kernel installation w/ "apt-get install kernel-
image-2.6-686" and the installation completed successfully w/ my Grub
configurations updated automatically.

When I restarted the machine and selected the 2.6 kernel, the boot
process proceeded fine (and I could read all the text scrolling by).
But when it came time to display the login prompt (terminal only, it's
a server, so there's no X11) the screen got all garbled. Essentially
all I can see is flickering black and white boxes covering the screen.
However, I can login and reboot the machine - I just can't see what
I'm typing.

Anyone have any suggestions on this one? I tried installing the kernel-
image-2.6-386 on a lark, but I still ran into the same problem. I'm
not passing any special kernel parameters on boot to the 2.4 kernel
either. What am I missing?


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