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Re: Re: Printing with lprng; no CUPS! :-)

S. Keeling wrote:

> Ugh.  The list of stuff it wants to get rid of is just weird.
> Audacity, Azureus, Bittornado-gui, Mplayer, Xcdroast,
> Xscreensaver?!?

It is indeed incredible that some packages that do not even print
(you were wrong about audacity BTW, because it *can* print -- but
you could have mentioned sgt-puzzles, for instance) pull in
libcupsys2. And of course even packages that *do* print do not
need cups per se. The dependency should be upon something like
"some print system", rather than on cups, and there should be no
such dependency at all for non-printing packages.

I suspect some developers have been too generous in assigning
dependencies to some packages -- especially library packages. Or
else, perhaps there really is some kind of virus messing up the
Debian package system.. Anyway I think the dependencies ought to
be looked at very critically, and when possible cleaned up. Are
any developers listening?

Regards, Jan

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