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Re: how to configure users X setup?

On Tuesday 12 June 2007 18:59, Liam O'Toole shared this with us all:
>--} On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 03:07:42 -0400
>--} Zach <netrek@gmail.com> wrote:
>--} > On 6/12/07, Liam O'Toole <liam.p.otoole@gmail.com> wrote:
>--} > >
>--} > > Both of those files influence what clients (e.g. window managers)
>--} > > are run when the user starts an X server. They do not set up X
>--} > > itself. Just what setting up do you want to achieve?
>--} >
>--} > Right. I want certain programs run when I start X such as
>--} > xscreensaver, xload, and a certain custom built window manager in
>--} > /usr/local (not a debian package).
>--} OK. The 'Debian way' is to place the commands in the
>--} executable file ~/.Xsession, e.g.,
>--}     #!/bin/sh
>--}     xscreensaver &
>--}     xload &
>--}     exec /usr/local/bin/my_custom_window_manager
>--} That file will determine your X session when you start X from the
>--} console and when you choose the default session in GDM.
>--} Liam

In much the same situation, on an old Toshiba laptop, 64 MB RAM and 10 GB hard 
drive, Etch installed, using fluxbox window manager and I created an 
~/.Xsession just as your example above. With is file the machine boots to XDM 
and when the user name and password are inserted appropriately, just keeps 
coming back to XDM login.

So I have to kill the GUI and get in through CLI and remove the ~/.Xsession 
script and then restart with startx.

So there must be something wrong, either with the scrip, or something the 
script interferes with? I wonder if it works for Zach?

I had hoped that I would be able to get gkrellm and the Rox panel to run after 
fluxbox has started. This should possibly be able to be placed in the 
~/.fluxbox/init script, but it won't happen. Mainly because even though I 
have googled extensively, and read the fluxbox wiki and all the documentation 
I could find, none had the answer. Created startup scrips and such, have not 
had any joy with any of these.

I just thought that maybe the "Debian way" you described above might be the 
way to go.


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