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Re: reorder files with a mouse in a file browser and rename them

H.S. wrote:

This may be a little odd question. Can any of the file browsers (konqueror, nautilus) let a user reorder the files in a folder by dragging them to a certain position and then to rename the ordered files automatically with a file pattern?

This problem arose because I have a few hundred of images which are jumbled up in time order. I have seen a friend do something similar in XP's Windows Explorer. I am hoping it can be done in Linux too in some way: order the image files by dragging them to their position in the file browser and to run a script on the newly ordered files to rename them numerically in that order.


Just in case all the images have EXIF information in them, the task can be done quite easily with exiv2. Looking at the exiv2 man page I found the following in the EXAMPLES section:

      exiv2 rename img_1234.jpg
Renames img_1234.jpg (taken on 13-Nov-05 at 22:58:31) to 20051113_225831.jpg

       exiv2 -r’:basename:_%Y%m’ rename img_1234.jpg
              Renames img_1234.jpg to img_1234_200511.jpg

This may not be a solution to the particular problem, but with EXIF and exiv2 ordering a bunch of images is quite easy.


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