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Re: what wants to remove gcc?

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 06/10/07 08:23, Rick Pasotto wrote:
Currently 'apt-get upgrade' wants to upgrade 289 packages. Rather than
do them all at once, I like to do smaller groups packages.

It will save you time by running "# apt-get -d -y upgrade" while you go eat breakfast.

...and lunch and dinner and have a good night's sleep and...


Once all the packages are downloaded, run "#apt-get
upgrade" interactively.

                                                           Right now it
seems that for every package I try to upgrade, apt-get wants to REMOVE
gcc yet upgrading all the packages at once does not. I don't understand.
Why should upgrading python, for example, result in apt-get wanting to
remove gcc?
How can I find the package(s) that, once upgraded, will allow the
upgrading of the others *without* trying to remove gcc? None of the
files that gcc depends on are in the upgrade list.

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