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xorg ati driver issues


I've installed etch in a P4 system with an ATI Radeon 9100 video card.
The default driver used by xserver-xorg is the ATI one. But using it all
fields with text, in all applications, including pages in the web, shows
an annoying gray background. Solutions:

1) This can be solve in 98% of times using the Subpixel smoothing option
in the font preferences, although this option is reserved to LCD
monitors (mine is a CRT one) 
2) Using the fglrx-driver package. This solve 100% of the problem. The
co-lateral effect is that neither totem or acroread runs well. So, I
have to stay with solution 1).

This is not the first time I encounter problems with the ATI driver from
xorg. I have a AMD64 system with an ATI  Mobility Radeon 9200. The
xorg's ATI driver simply doesn't work at all. Only the driver from the
fglrx package seems to do the job...

Conclusion: the xorg ATI driver is not mature enough yet...



Marcelo Chiapparini

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