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Re: Aptitude wants to remove OpenOffice.org

Manon Metten wrote:
> The following packages are unused and will be REMOVED:
>  openoffice.org-base openoffice.org-calc openoffice.org-draw
>  openoffice.org-impress openoffice.org-math openoffice.org-writer
> So I went into aptitude, searched for openoffice and manually set these
> packages to Keep. Is this common behavior or have I done something wrong?

This is documented in the release notes:


  To prevent aptitude from removing some packages that were pulled in
  through dependencies, you need to manually unmark them as auto
  packages. This includes OpenOffice and Vim for desktop installs:

       # aptitude unmarkauto openoffice.org vim

  And 2.6 kernel images if you have installed them using a kernel

       # aptitude unmarkauto $(dpkg-query -W 'kernel-image-2.6.*' | cut
       # -f1)

  Note: You can review which packages are marked as auto in aptitude by

       # aptitude search 'i~M <package name>'


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