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Re: I want to install lenny from scratch

2007/6/6, arijit <arijit.2612@gmail.com>:

Hi all,

I am almost new to debian. I was using ubuntu before but due to crashes I switched to debian recently ("etch" is my first debian experience). After using etch I found it as the most stable linux OS I have ever used.

Recently I was looking in the debian forum. I came to know that "lenny" is almost as stable as "etch" and also it has latest packages. So I want to use "lenny" instead of "etch".

My question is, "I want to install "lenny" from scratch. Is it possible that I install a bare minimum system from my "etch" DVD and then I install packages from "lenny" repositores?

If yes, then what are the steps I have to follow?

thanks in advance,


if you have no particular reason for a scratch install you can simply update your /etc/apt/sources.list and go with
`apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade`

`netselect-apt testing` will create a sources.list with lenny (testing) repositories, you just need to overwrite the one in /etc/apt/

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