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Re: hwclock & /dev/rtc

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On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 13:36 -0500, Mumia W.. wrote:

> > $ lsmod|grep rtc
> > rtc                    12372  0

# lsmod|grep rtc
rtc                    12760  0 

I have the rtc module loaded already and hwclock only works when
--directisa is used. For now I've modified /etc/default/rcS to add
--directisa to the HWCLOCKPARS variable, but it would be nice if this
worked out of the box.

> Paul, if you use a Debian stock kernel, the rtc module is built by 
> default, and it should load automatically. Did you build your kernel 
> from the source?

I use the stock Debian 2.6.21 kernel from sid. I recently moved my
Debian installation from my external hard drive to this new laptop, I
haven't seen this problem on other computers I've booted my external
hard drive on.



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