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Re: hotplugging ide harddrive

On 6/4/07, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
On 06/03/07 22:19, Ms Linuz wrote:
> I've been googling but haven't found any clue yet.
> I want to hotplug my ide disk so i can put it on my computer while the
> computer's running.
> Then just automatically mount ( or at least detected for mounted manually
> later ) like usb storage.
> As a former windows user, I can easlly do it on m$win by plugging the drive
> then 'scan for harddware changes'
> on the system control panel.

You can plug a raw drive directly into a running system?  I don't
believe you.  As Douglas says, IDE doesn't support hot-swapping.

Yes, you can. Main danger is from plugging in power, but whenever you
add a switch for power cable - no problem. It's even working under


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