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Transient lenny upgrade problem with libc6 - SOLVED


Just to share a problem - and its solution - that I'm surprised doesn't happen 
more often with Testing:

Did a dist-upgrade yesterday using adept (frontend for aptitude), previewing 
the changes first to check for breakages. After the upgrade libc6 (and three 
other related packages) were broken, which meant that all internet protocols 
(and dozens of other things) were broken. 

On another machine I found the reason: the Debian testing repository (on the 
Debian site) listed the libc6 packages as one version, but the packages were 
actually an earlier version. This situation only applied for a few hours.

My solution was to download the correct versions from unstable on the second 
machine, copy them to the first machine and manually install them with 
dpkg -i (luckily this was still possible with a broken libc6). This resolved 
all the dependency problems.

I guess the lesson is: go easy when upgrading Testing.



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