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Re: [OT] Offtopics and community (was: I also am AAAAANGRY)

On 6/1/07, Nyizsnyik Ferenc <nyizsa@bluebottle.com> wrote:
Atis <atis@BEST.eu.org> wrote:
> What i have to propose - create separate ML for offtopic discussions.

Yes, but offtopic threads evolve from on-topic ones. It would be very
annoying to see posts like this:

... this is I could do to help you, and see my offtopic opinion on

Ok, how i imagine this working regarding Debian lists.

Include offtopic@ in to, the same way as you include [OT] in subject.
If you also answer on topic, just include both MLs.

Not to mention that when people not subscribed to the debian-user
list read an offtopic reaction without the previous context (users
will almost always forget to include it), most likely they will post
several "What are you referring to?" answers.

That's true, in organization i mentioned for sample, junk@ is actually
one of largest MLs. However, as OT posters usually take out some
phrase, nobody really cares what was initial topic. And usually there
are few quotes left within reply.

I just wanted to say that it's a good idea to have an unmoderated
"offtopic" list, but it wouldn't reduce much of this list's offtopic

If there would be official offtopic list, rules regarding OT posts in
other MLs could be more strict.

Generally separate OT list would contain anything about life, some
funny things, and so on..


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