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in search for a groupware


i'm looking for a groupware that integrates nicely (somewhat at least)
in our setup it should have the following features:

* calendar with notifications (e.g. inviting people over mail automagically)
* ical/webcal interface (read only is ok, but r/w would be better - so
outlook, apple ical, kalendar, etc work)
* ldap authentication (or pam or something else that let's me build a
chain back to ldap)
* provide a shared address book over ldap for easy integration to mail clients
* some way of syncing with all kinds of mobile clients (I don't care
what this does, it just has to work, don't care means could be payware

nice to have would be:
* ldap address book for certain groups
* private ldap address book

it seems none of the groupware things out there can really do that,
it's either mobile clients not working or ical (most of the time both)
or some weird authentication base.

we are using open-xchange now but it seems the 0.8 branch is dying and
the new release doesn't use ldap any more (any ldap). god only knows
why they dropped ldap

so any hints, if at all possible i'd like a python or java app, but if
it works it could be written in brainfuck...maybe even lisp (scnr had
a course last term and now i hate it :))

Martin Marcher

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