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Re: how to revert my system to a particular date...

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Zhengquan Zhang mailing list wrote:
> Today after sid upgrade, I found that my collins cobuild dictionary under wine
> is unable to load..  I want to revert my system to the day before yesterday.
> I tried to reinstall the dictionary and reinstalled wine but the dictionary
> still failed to launch.
> Now I want to restore my system to a previous state, I also want to know if
> there is a more secure way of using sid, for example, I can set some
> restoration points, when things go wrong, at least I can temporarily revert to
> a earlier state and continue my work. Any pointers and suggestions are
> appreciated.

Use your favorite backup tool for backups and restores. Debian by
default doesn't keep backups for you (one of the reasons, why my debian
partition is so much smaller than WinXP *and* has so much more software
installed). However, I don't think it is generally good practice to
revert a computer to a previous state, because that would involve to
revert security updates as well.

If you want/need stability, you should use debian stable.

With sid you are bound to experience problems like that, especially with
a software like wine that involves a lot of re-engineering of software
with bad programming praxis and secret specifications.

You could check if you still have wine's old .deb on your machine or
find it on http://snapshot.debian.net/ and install it with dpkg.


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