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Re: Lightweight RTF Editor in Debian?

On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 01:51:59PM -0400, Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 11:42:17AM -0400, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> > Does you boss want RTF of is it just "page breaks, centered text, and
> > different fonts"?  What file formats will your boss accept?  Will he
> > accept pdf or ps?  Would enscript do?  It will output in RTF if you
> > like.
> He wants something that he can edit in MS Word if necessary, that can
> be read and printed in OS X and that lets you organize the text with
> page breaks and large headers. If it wasn't for the page breaks (and
> those are mostly to maintain a separate cover sheet), even HTML would
> probably do.  I had, at one point, thoughts of doing stuff in HTML and
> just keeping the cover page in a separate file, but I don't think that
> that would fly...

Presumably, he not only wants to edit (which he could latex) but to then
regeneratet it (which he can't unless he has latex for MS and OSX).
Since I've never used MS Word or OSX, I don't know what your choices

By stipulating that he wants both typeset output and the ability to edit
and regenerate it, this becomes a problem of distributed text
processing.  In acedemia the standard has been LaTex until MS invaded.

I think that in debian you're limited to lout, latex, OO,
Koffice, Lyx, and a few other markup language processors.  You'll have
to see what is available for the other OSs and what he's willing to put
on his computer.  What is the editor in OSX that he uses and what
formats can it work with?

If he _doesn't_ need to regenerate the file, just change a few words,
then give him latex source and pdf output and he can edit it directly
and give it back to you to regenerate.


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