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File Notes


On my other platform (AmigaOS) I make a lot of use of file notes.

Eg. if I download a file, I keep the original file name to store it, but the url is stored in the file note. So when I later want to know where that file came from, I just have to look at the file note.
Another thing is when I have a lot of docs that I want to store in a particular order, I just number them and set the file note to the docs name.

Now when I burn those files to a CD, the file notes are burned with them. But when I examine this CD in Linux using Konqueror or Bash, I don't see no file notes at all, although they are burned on CD with the files (AmigaOS displays them).

Is there something like file notes for Linux, and if so, what command do I use to write/show them?

Greetings, Manon.

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