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Re: Yahoo chat client for Debian

On 5/29/07, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:

On 05/29/07 12:31, arnuld wrote:
> i noticed this:  http://www.phrozensmoke.com/projects/pyvoicechat/index.php
> it is GPL-ed: http://www.phrozensmoke.com/projects/pyvoicechat/license.php
> Debian repositories do not have any Yahoo Chat client. Can we have
> "Gyach Enhanced" in Debian ?

You request packages in debian-devel.

ok and i searched the whole Debian lists for keyword "multimedia" :-(

Have you tried Gaim/Pigdin?

GAIM does not have voice-chat. will check what is Pigdin.


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