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Re: reliable wifi manager for gnome

On 05/28/07 10:28, Jose Rodriguez wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
On 05/28/07 04:12, Jose Rodriguez wrote:

Having said this, I didn't bother to properly secure my own home network yet. If somebody wants to check a couple of e-mails using it just be it.

Would you leave your door open so anyone can come in at any hour of the day and pee in your toilet or watch your movies?

I don't think the comparison holds. I repeat, I don't have any problem if my neighbour, at some point, used my wireless network to access the web or check e-mail. I wouldn't even care him sporadically downloading stuff if it didn't interfered with my normal network activity and I didn't have an usage limit.

Until they download Scary Files and the ISP gives *your* name to the Feds.

Now, if you are thinking in somebody breaking into my home network and somehow gaining access to my computer, that's obviously another issue, and I would put it more like "leaving the door open so any malicious person can come in at night and pee in my kitchen and steal my movies".

I'm not any sure whether a WPA encryption can really stop somebody who knows how to do that, though.

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Jefferson LA  USA

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