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Re: CLI tools for checking out CDROM drive

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Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Monday 28 May 2007 00:24, Hugh Lawson wrote:
>> Nigel Henry <cave.dnb@tiscali.fr> writes:
>>> I mean we're not talking about big bucks here. It's just annoying when
>>> something stops working for no apparent reason.
>> I may have missed an earlier post, but here goes anyway.
>> I had the same problem a few days ago. I opened up the computer and
>> pressed against the IDE connectors where they plug into the drive, and
>> into the motherboard.
>> Although I felt no give at all, the drive started reading CDs again.
>> It was an iffy thing and I was ready to buy a new drive, because this
>> is a CD that has a collection of solitaire games that get played every
>> day.
>> --
>> Hugh Lawson
>> hlawson@triad.rr.com
> Hi Hugh. Yeh I've gone that way already, unplugging, and replugging both ends 
> of the ribbon cable, and changed the cable for another one, but still no joy.
> Although the drive is being detected, I think in reality it has bitten the 
> dust, kicked the bucket, gone out to lunch (permanently).
> I really hate throwing stuff away, but I suppose you just have to go with the 
> flow sometimes, and throw it into the trash.
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> Nigel.

Nigel, I agree with your assessment of the problem, but it strikes me
funny that a DVD-ROM drive does the same thing.  AFAIK, all DVD drives
can read CD's, so it leads me to believe that something might be wrong
with the controller (most likely build onto the motherboard).  Can you
try using a different IDE port (like maybe make the CD a slave to the
primary HD or if it is already, set it to be a master on the secondary
IDE port?

When having problems like this, having another machine lying around to
test things with is a very big plus.  Even if it is an old clunker that
you found in a rubbish bin somewhere (read ebay).

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