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Re: Still: "AIGLX: Screen 0 not dri capable"

On 26/05/07, Georg Heinrich <georg.heinrich@gh-blue.de> wrote:
I'm so desperate that I even consider to recompile the xserver-xorg
package and configure it without dri. However I didn't figure out how to
do that. I got the source with
    apt-get source xserver-xorg
and am stuck here.

How do I configure the build of this module?
Is there any other way of fixing this problem?

You will be able to run everything. First append the following in the
bootline of your kernel in /boot/grub/menu.lst


Easier way would be to just press "e" when grub boots and then use
up/down arrow to come to line two and again press "e" and append
vga=771 at the very end of this line. Now press escape and "b" to

You can also install Nvidia driver (you will have to download files
from Nvidia site) by running module compilation utility.

I have just installed the same on a HP tablet note book and am now
able to run 3D effect also using this dirver.


Sudev Barar

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