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Re: How can I get debian linux?

东集詹 wrote:
> Hi debian users,I am a new of linux.Some day I found debian linux and know
> much about this.As I learned, debian linux is the true linux os and there
> are so many components compress in the disk. I got interested in it. I hope
> to get it.But nothing is easy, when I planed to download it,I found that
> there is so large to download it, because my disk can surpose such large
> file. So the only way is to buy it. But that is just another way that
> cann't
> be used. Because,linux disk is so little in shoppes. So,the only way is to
> ask you for help. I love linux,I love debian!

Welcome to Debian :) .

You can find a list of people who sell installation discs on the Debian website
[1]. The Debian website also includes release notes [2] and the installation
manual [3].

The best way to download is by using Jigdo [4]. Jigdo downloads individual files
from a normal Debian mirror and assembles the single CD image file on the user's
machine. A good choice is the "netinstall" CD. This is a smaller image - enough
to start the installation process. The installation continues by downloading the
other files you need directly from the internet (not from the CD). This means
that you do not have to download the whole CD. The netinstall image for the
stable distribution ("Etch") is here [5].

If you can download the main CD, just the first CD is enough for a working
system - you do not need the whole set.

You can find simple instructions for installation at the Debian NewbieDOC wiki [6].

If you are short of disc space, consider downloading the Debian Live CD [7]
instead. Debian runs directly from the live CD without being installed on your
computer. The live cd is currently based on the unstable version of Debian.

[1] http://www.us.debian.org/CD/vendors/
[2] http://www.us.debian.org/releases/
[3] http://www.us.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual

Good luck!


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