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Re: OT: Petition: StarCraft 2 for Linux

On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 15:55 -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Andrei Popescu wrote in Article <[🔎] 20070522202745.GD12491@think.homenet>
> posted to gmane.linux.debian.user:
> > At least it's related to Linux :)
> > 
> > To make it short here is the link:
> > http://www.petitiononline.com/ibpfl/petition.html
> > 
> > If you liked StarCraft (and/or other Blizzard games) then please sign.
> Wouldn't it be more productive in convincing Blizzard there is a market for
> their products among people who use Linux by buying the Linux versions of
> other vendors games instead?

Explain to me... what BIG games are there for Linux ... NOT Wine
enabled. How many sales will that take a away from Blizzard... the WoW
has shown people will use Windows to play it period. Why shoudl it
change and cater to 5% that will cause 80-90% of the problems (in their

WoW, you know that MMPORG so hugely successful, best one since UO.

Speaking of UO, it has a Linux client at one time. They dropped (and
banned) it, it caused 60% of the play problems across the board and yet
only about 15 users used it (me being one).

It was more problem than it was worth for them, would still be to this
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